The House of the Dead

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A frantic and terrifying Sega shooter now available for your computer.

The Japanese company Sega, along with a long and successful career in the world of consoles, also has an excellent reputation in the field of gaming machines, with unforgettable titles that are already part of the history of video games like Out Run, Virtua Fighter, After Burner, Sega Rally and The House of the Dead. Many of you will probably remember some if not all of them with fond memories of a youth misspent!

Indeed, on this occasion, we want to tell you about this last title, because here we're bringing you a fantastic playable version of it for your computer.

The House of the Dead is a legendary arcade shooter with first-person perspective, and displacement "on rails" (ie, with predefined routes), which flirts with the genre of horror and gore, offering a decent plot in the best B-movie traditions.

A clandestine laboratory has carried out a series of dark experiments on genetics, and the result has been the emergence of an uncontrolled undead army that threatens to wipe out humanity. Your goal in The House of the Dead will be none other (and you've already guessed it, right?) than to arm yourselves with pistols, rifles and shotguns, in order to put an end to this dangerous horde of creatures from beyond the grave. And everything, in spectacular environments in three dimensions, with a large presence of blood, dismemberment and other niceties like that.

Do you dare to try The House of the Dead for free? If so then you can download it right here and now!


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